Emails & Automation

With full access to our agency SharpSpring platform, get instant access to dynamic, lead generating, lead nurturing, and campaign building tools—all designed with your company’s goals in mind.

Professional, Custom Email Templates

With professional and custom emails, your creative possibilities are endless. You don’t need programming skills or graphic design training to make this happen; we do all the heavy lifting for you—there’s no limit except how you want your own personal style and branding to come alive.

With your own customizable HTML templates, emails can fit your branding and convey the right message to the right customer. Save commonly used templates so you can speed up daily tasks, increase efficiency of email marketing campaigns—all while having fun designing something uniquely yours.

Dynamic and Personalized Content for Your Audience

Reach more prospects and improve customer retention with personalized emails that are relevant to them. Send a message tailored just for each individual without having any coding knowledge required. With dynamic features, you can customize content—all based on what we know about your contacts already: there’s no need for guessing who they might be anymore because now everything is possible through automation.

One step further, have the ability to create dynamic lists that automatically update as contacts meet the list’s criteria so you can see what prospects respond well too on your website or in person by reviewing their profiles like never before.

Tracking, Reporting, and Growth

What’s the best way for you to stay on top of your game? With a platform that not only records information, but also helps plan out sales strategies. Quickly create Reminders from any page and never miss another beat. Attach them strategically throughout opportunities or contact lists so there’s no forgetting about what needs done next with those promising leads.

See how your email marketing efforts are progressing with the click of a button. Understand what works and doesn’t work by following statistics like clicks, opens, bounces or deliveries to optimize future messages—you can track everything about campaigns in real time.

Automate Automate Automate

Use email and marketing automation to engage your customers at critical points in their unique buying process. By creating behavior-based workflows, you can set up an automated series of emails for common customer pathways and respond specifically when someone takes specific actions or interests them.

Send confirmation messages, event alerts or a quick personal note—get all the triggers and filters you need to automatically send personalized correspondence that is relevant for your audience. Boost sales, reconnect with previous customers and sustain engagement by using email marketing automation.

Convert Better with Lead Nurturing

Automate email campaigns that grow the number and variety of prospects you contact, keeping them engaged with timely messaging from within their own inboxes. Notify leads or any interested parties when it’s time for them make a purchase decision.

Going one step further, your sales team can be more targeted and efficient. You choose which leads you want to focus on by identifying hot prospects with high engagement rates before they become customers—ensuring that only productive time is spent generating new business. Choose custom metrics so you can increase or decrease lead scores; including page visits, filled forms and content downloads—all automated. Free up some space in those busy schedules while still making sure every opportunity gets attention like never before.

Endless Workflows with Endless Possibilities

With trigger workflow automation, you can send internal messages to marketing and sales teams without ever logging in. The marketing team will be in constant communication with your sales and customer service departments. Get instant notifications via email or SMS message whenever you make a sale, land an important lead, or move along a prospect successfully through their buyer’s journey.

Your leads are the most important part of your business. By using the SharpSpring platform, you can create tailored workflows to keep the buyer’s journey moving with custom triggers and filters. Turn abandoned shopping carts into redeemed transactions and track leads across all devices—the possibilitees are near endless!

"Do one thing every day that scares you."
— Eleanor Roosevelt

Elevate Your Marketing

Imagine a world where you have the consistency of an in-house creative and marketing team without the high costs. Prodigitude provides this and more—get access to designers as well as developers who can handle all aspects from A/B testing to SEO optimization, including email and automation—while also having experts on hand that know your business inside out.

Our Creative as a Service model allows a business’s creativity team—which includes designers developers search engine experts marketers gurus—to provide you expertise so that instead if paying high costs associated with traditional models, such as hiring an entire staff or buying expensive ad space in print publications, you only pay once per month based on what we’re able produce.